Build Better Boundaries

Learn To Be Kind Without Being Codependent

Build Better Boundaries: Learn To Be Kind Without Being Codependent is a step-by-step, self-paced resources, to help you from your first questions about what codependency is and how you got this way, all the way through drawing your lines in the sand and sticking to healthier boundaries.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn what codependency really is and what it isn't, and explore how it materilaized in your life through self & family evaluation.
  • Learn how to explore previously unquestioned core beliefs about yourself, and begin learning the skills needed for long-term success.
  • Learn how to recognize and respond to triggering events and change negative behavior patterns. Reframe your reactions to develop healthier habits.
  • Learn where to draw the line and set boundaries without losing yourself. Maintain compassion while you recalibrate.
  • Learn the tactics for saying "no", how to say "no" and stick to it, stop getting defensive, and reinforce your new boundaries.
  • Learn to love your own company, stop sabatoging your progress, start cultivating a network of support as you move forward.



This program was created with specific people in mind, so if:

  • You've recognized codependency issues in your own life, and have a deep desire to heal
  • You don't want to afford or don't have easy access to codependency experts in your area
  • You'd rather have the convenience of self-paced work in the privacy of your own home
  • You're overwhelmed by all the books, blogs, and videos and want something more streamlined
  • You're currently working with a counselor, and want to augment your efforts to heal more quickly

Then yes, Build Better Boundaries was made for you!

Are these Relationship Frustrations eating away at you too?

I've talked to a lot of people who want to build better boundaries, and here's what they're saying:

  • "I want to be helpful to others but I often suffer for it. People say I was mistaken and they really didn't want help, or they take advantage and expect me to do even more."
  • "I think I feel guilty for being codependent, and if I can find a logical reason for it then it won't feel like it's all my fault."
  • "I want this cycle to end. I don't want my children to have the same experience and hurt that I've had."
  • "Even though I've made progress, sometimes I see myself falling back into codependent behaviors and I have to reel myself in."
  • "I know I need to detach, but I only know how to detach with anger. I know that I need to learn how to detach with love."
  • "Being codependent affects my well-being, my ability to focus at work or tasks at hand being I am so hurt and bothered."

Wow! The worst part is, so many of these peoples' frustrations have lasted for years. This is what pure torture feels like.

And that's exactly why I had to create Build Better Boundaries. After talking with so many people and finding patterns in what they were saying, the answer started to become clear to me.

Codependents Need a System To Follow With Clear, Logical Steps To Understand The Root Of Their Issue, Become Self-Aware, Recognize Triggers, Set Boundaries, Gain a Supportive Network, and Get Firmly Established On a Road To a Better Life.

When I finally realized this, I pulled together a team of talented and passionate people to help develop and teach Build Better Boundaries, including a professional counselor and author, a counseling psychologist, a long-term recovered codependent who regularly works with others. Together, we created and delivered Build Better Boundaries to a small group of codependents who wanted help.

We spent six weeks with the group, teaching the course, getting their feedback, and ensuring that our material and exercises actually helped them make progress towards recovery. And here's what we taught them...

Your Instructor

Brian Pisor
Brian Pisor

Brian Pisor is a Co-Founder of Codependency No More where he discusses codependency recovery and related issues. By connecting deeply with his audience to understand their specific struggles and desires, Brian gets your biggest questions answered by a variety of experts on The Codependency No More Podcast so everyone benefits. He also recommends top resources for overcoming different aspects of codependency. In addition, Brian works one-on-one with clients to coach them through their challenges so they can have happier and more fulfilling relationships.

Class Curriculum

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"The course caused me to stop and take a look at myself; who I wanted to be and who I was being. I had some denial. Now I realize that this is a process and I can't just get 'fixed'."

- Patricia G.

"I have more of an awareness of where I am in my walk with recovery, and what areas I really still need to work on. And now I have the tools to do it."

- Sarah P.

"Having the worksheets and something for me to look back to was helpful for me to keep on track and stay focused on it."

- Melissa S.

"This was a really easy way to learn about codependency. It doesn’t take up a lot of time. It’s not as intimidating as, for example, going to one of those group meetings, I haven’t been to any of those. But it just seems like a really easy way to just learn about it, and it doesn’t require a high level of commitment – it’s comfortable."

- Vanessa B.



We know codependents are feeling broken, confused about how they got this way, and looking for concrete ways to get better quickly.

That's why we do what we do.

Seize this opportunity to get your healing on the right track quickly with strategies from codependency experts. Don’t waste anymore time hopping around the internet for advice. Get a toolkit for healing based on sound, proven practices. We’re rooting for you at every turn.

Here's to your healing!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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